Step one: Determine if We Can Help.
Naturally you have questions for us to see if we can solve your problems and if your budget fits our solution, and if you think we are trustworthy of your business.

 We will need to ask you questions to find out information to see if we can solve your problems and whether it is a project that we would like to do.

Typically at this point a decision is made whether to stop the process or continue. Many times this can be done on the first phone call. A third decision may be that the timing is not right, but there is serious interest for the future.

i.e. It makes no sense to visit your property if you're not building for 3 years or to come to your home if your budget is less than our solution. We do offer consulting services, but we do charge for those. Please do not ask us to come out just to get free consulting.

Step two: Deposit and Scheduling of Install

In most cases, a site visit is not necessary for us to determine how to run the system. We have installed systems in many different houses and will always present possible solutions and allow the customer to choose which is best for them. Many of these decisions can only be made after actual installation begins and areas are cut into to see what is there.

Payments are typically as follows: 1/3 to schedule, order equipment and begin installation, 2/3 on unit install and system running. In some cases, the system cannot be completed at this step and a hold back allowance may be reasonable.

Step Three: Begin Installation of System
Customers are greatly encouraged to be involved at this stage especially if it is an existing house. Many times our customers aid assistance not only in decision making but also helping as the install moves along. It is your home. We want you to be a satisfied customer and find that this is most likely accomplished if we are both involved in the process to some degree. This does not mean you have to install ductwork, but we will ask for guidance and if each step is acceptable.

        Step Four: Determine Necessary or Wanted Changes

We we always consider changes as we go, but a change order and price will need to be agreed upon and paid up front for any additional work. Any changes that occur will usually affect the price and added materials and labor will be added to the job. At every step, it is important that we are in agreement and not confused on how this will impact the cost of the project. If you ask for more, generally it will cost more.

Step Five: Instruction, Finalize Payment, Feedback

At the end of the work, payment is expected. We will go over with you, the home-owner, the ways of maintaining your ventilation unit (cleaning, how to run it, when to change filters, etc.). We are also very interested in your feed back as to the work performed and the results of the air quality. We would encourage your written comments so that we can post them on our website. We would also like to have you consider whether there are any other people that you know who would benefit from one of our systems.

Our Process