Ventilation Services

Protect your home from too much indoor air pollution or moisture; avoid mold build up in your basement or anywhere in your house; allow seamless airflow that promotes clean and fresh air all year long. With Fresh Air Ventilation Systems as your full-service ventilation contractor, you and your family can enjoy proper air quality, regardless of the season or the size of your home. These ventilation services include:

  1. Custom ventilation design
  2. In-home consultation services
  3. Complete installation of residential ventilation systems
  4. Service existing ventilation equipment
  5. Balancing system air flows using a                                                           magnehelic differential pressure gauge 
  6. Electronic radon test equipment rental
  7. Replace old ventilation equipment
  8. Service and replace old controls

From the basement to the attic, proper planning prior to the construction phase of a project ensures high-quality results. During the planning phase, we:

  1. Design an effective ventilation plan which will provide complete ventilation.
  2. Consider entire envelope pressurization/depressurization factors.
  3. Present options of Venmar Ventilators which will provide necessary air flow.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    Radon Electronic Testing Rental  
  1. EPA-approved testing device
  2. 2-day testing time
  3. Checks High level warning siren, 4.0 picocuries P/L and above
  4. Checks both short and long term readings            

 Indoor Air Quality Testing

Fresh Air Ventilation Systems is licensed and insured. Call us today for site visit analysis and recommendations at 207 514-4078 (cell) for immediate assistance.