Finally, a Single Room ERV which gives up to 91% heat recovery. 
The Most innovative ventilation for existing buildings and renovations.

Single Room ERV

Here's How it Works in cold weather:

Fan blows stale moist inside air out for 70 seconds;

Ceramic core absorbs heat and some moisture; 

Fan changes rotation and blows Fresh Outside air in;

Ceramic core gives heat and moisture to incoming fresh air;

Cycle repeats; 

Enough Moisture is removed to prevent condensation, but helps to hedge against over drying. 

Here's How it works in Warm, Humid conditions:
Fan blows Fresh outside air in
Ceramic core absorbs heat and some moisture
Fan changes and blows cooler/ dryer inside air out
Ceramic core gives up heat and moisture to outgoing stale air

*This does not guaranty dehumidication is not needed, but is the best way to ventilate, with fresh outside air and reduce moisture migration in while doing so.

Though a whole house system is the best approach to balanced ventilation. Some houses with difficult areas to reach can be served by one or more Fresh Combos.

The units can be syncronized to provide a balance of air flows. While one unit is blowing fresh air in, the other unit is blowing stale air out.

Ventilation Rates 8, 16 or 32 Cubic Feet Per Minute

Power consumption 3.8 watts on low and only 5.6 watts on high

@.15 cents per kw/hr thats only 60 cents per month on high speed for constant ventilation!!!! 

Recovery Efficiency up to 91% as Rated by HVI (Home Ventilation Institute) 

For rooms up to 350 sq ft 

Quiet operation

Remote control Included 

Multiple units can be set up together to give balanced ventilation

Easy to install on Exterior wall

Good for both Warm, Humid climates and Cold, Dry climates 

A total of 4 different models to choose from

2 different units based on wall thickness

Fresh 50 for walls from 9 13/16" to 18 1/2" 

Fresh 50 - 2  for walls from 4 3/4" to 11 3/4

2 different inside faces: Smooth or Grilled

Fresh Combos are $495
plus $20 shipping and handling to continental US.