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Having problems with ...  Allergies? Asthma? Mold? Moisture? 
Chronic winter illness?  Waking up with headaches?

Fresh Air Ventilation Systems: Trusted Provider of Venmar Ventilation Systems, HRV/ ERV Air Exchangers, and Air Quality Testing Solutions in Portland, Lewiston & Bangor, ME

Are you constantly having problems with allergies, mold, or moisture? Is a family member struggling with asthma, chronic winter illness, or even persistent morning headaches? Did you know you can easily improve the situation with proper air quality and ventilation?

Breathe easier and healthier with the reliable solutions brought to you by Fresh Air Ventilation Systems. Serving Portland, Lewiston, and Bangor, Maine, our company provides complete residential installation and repairs of Venmar ventilators, HRV and ERV air exchangers, as well as air quality testing services. Whether you struggle from moisture, gas, or particle air pollution, Fresh Air Ventilation offers you the comprehensive answer to improve and maintain air quality – and ultimately, your health and safety and that of your family.

Fresh Air Ventilation Systems is a family-owned company that has been installing and repairing home ventilators in Maine for many years. We have established a solid reputation for providing effective Venmar ventilation systems that guard against all types of air pollution better than the average air purifier. Our expertise has allowed us to install and customize ventilations in nearly all kinds and sizes of housing in Portland, Lewiston, and Bangor, ME. Click here for our full list of ventilation solutions.

Beyond our innovative products, our goal is to offer you and your household a secure haven of comfort where you can breathe clean and fresh air. From heat recovery to energy recovery ventilators (HRV/ ERV), find out the ideal air exchanger solution that would suit your home today. Call Fresh Air Ventilation Systems for consultations and air quality testing services at 207 786-9400 or 207 514-4078 (cell) for immediate assistance.

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A 5 minute video explains the basics of tight houses and how ventilation fixes it.


The Evidence ...

Chemical Sensitivity?

Indoor Air changes, Chemicals and Tighter Homes - Rutgers Study

Dr. Richard Corsi PHD from the University of Texas presents some startling information!!

Swedish researchers found four environmental factors associated with autism: vinyl flooring, the mother's smoking, family economic problems and condensation on windows, which indicates poor ventilation.

Toxic Formaldehyde found in Baby Cribs

Radon health risks

WHO on Radon

Dr. Oz on Radon

Dr. Oz - part 2

Impacts of Building Ventilation on Health and Performance

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Indoor Pollution: Is my house killing me?
This 23 min. video explains why problems occur and how controlled ventilation is a necessary part of the solution. 

The Solution. . .

Our services include:
  • Custom Ventilation Design
  • In home Consultation Services
  • Complete installation of Residential Ventilation systems
  • Service existing Ventilation equipment 
  • Balancing system air flows using a Magnehelic Differential Pressure gauge
  • Electronic Radon test equipment rental
  • Replace old ventilation equipment
  • Service and replace old controls

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